Me at Ranwu Lake

Me at Ranwu Lake




It’s nice when you leave a message when you have visited my website.


I love to hear if you have visited Tibet or if you’re planning to visit Tibet.
And I hope my website will inspire you to travel to Tibet. Because I can ensure you it will be a life time experience.
If you want information on travelling in Tibet, you also can leave a message here. I will answer / contact you as soon as possible.



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Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA

Hello, again. My work has approached 330+ pages and I have used the five photos requested of you well, such that yours is the first photo used upon entry to the main shrine room (the woman adding butter to the butter lamp by the entrance) and the last photo of the section on Samye (the group of protectors), and the other three help fill in visual information in the inner Buddha hall and so forth. I have been gifted by Rafael Gomez ( his entire catalogue of Tibet images, and the same with Peter Bennion (, and the same with Erik Tooner of Sweden, and Richard Mortel (both members), as well as over twenty individuals whose one or few images help round out the eight circumambulations I am visually presenting at Samye Gompa. I have cited you among those named here for your generosity in my author’s notes at the end of the work. Again, there is no intention this will be sold, only gifted to those I chose to share it with. I thank you for your generosity and for your great photography. Your images that I have chosen for my work are truly necessary.
Dr. Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA

Elizabeth Selandia, OMD, CA

Ellen Ebens,
Dag! I was in Old Tibet in August and was given permission to take several photos in the main shrine rooms at Utse and these, along with the for hire photos taken by my tour guide of the temples on the perimeter and the stupas, (both places where I made yak butter offerings), are being put into a photobook to be gifted–not sold!!–to some high rinpoches I know. I have found a few of your photos useful in telling the story of several visual koras I am demonstrating in my work: the outer temples, the stupas, Utse exterior, the upper two stories (formed by photos from others culled from online with permissions sought, as I am doing here in this request to you), the space the monks use in the shrine room, the narrow passageway around the central buddha hall, and lastly we arrive at the main buddha.
I am requesting use for photo credit only–given the work is not being sold, only gifted–for 1) the (entire) door to Dzogchen Lhakhang, 2) the group of protectors with Tsiu Marpo in the back corner (taken in the protector Lhakhang), 3) the row of statues on far left wall of area monks pray in Utse, 4) the row of Kagyu teachers (with Milarepa), also in Utse shrine room, and 5) the woman lighting the candle in the main shrine room at Utse, five in total. As I am about to leave for a cruise up the Amazon, I am working hard to finalize this work before departure and I, thus, would appreciate your approval as soon as possible.
I should introduce myself: I am the woman who first taught astrology at DeKosmos, back in 1970; my father’s mother’s ancestors were colonizers of New Amsterdam, so I look Dutch and can even speak it a bit, but my time spent in Danmark (1972-77) has ruined any Dutch accent I might have gotten from my 13-months living in Amsterdam on Klein Wittenburgerdwaarstraat, in a condemned building built in the 1600s, now torn down. Well?


Dear Ellen,

Thanks for your reply for my tibet trip planning posted on the trip advisor tibet forum. Your Day 6 of your last trip to tibet in Januay is what I am exactly thinking of. A little bit of minor place for the first timer in tibet, though I am somehow fascinated to the place.

You mentioned that you visited your guide’s village on the way, I wonder if the name of the village is Ghama, the king Songtsan’s birthplace.

I have already researched tour agencies in Lhasa, but I haven’t decided yet which agency we are going to choose. Can I ask you the name of the agency you use? Or your recommendation?

I bookmarked your web page when I was researching Tibet trip. I enjoy your beautiful photos and reports.


Tiny Rooijakkers-Hulshof

Hallo Ellen,

Met veel bewondering heb ik je kleurrijke reisfoto’s en verhalen over Tibet bekeken. Het is mijn droom om ook eens zoiets te gaan doen, lijkt me geweldig!

N.B. Mogelijk hebben wij samen op school gezeten (Heymans College Groningen, VWO examenklas 1977)??

Met vriendelijke groet,

Tiny (destijds Jantina)


Geeft niet hoor, we zijn inmiddels ook ruim 40 jaar verder. Veel succes met je Tibet ondernemingen! Groeten, Tiny


Beste Ellen,

Ik zie dat je helaas geen vragen op je site beantwoord maar enkel via de mail.
Ik ben van plan om naar Tibet te gaan via China en dan China te verlaten via Nepal.
Zou jij mij kunnen uitleggen hoe ik dat het beste kan regelen met een Chinees visum zonder aan te geven dat ik daadwerkelijk Tibet in ga. Ik lees namelijk veel verhalen op internet dat wanneer je dit aangeeft bij de Chinese je waarschijnlijk je visum niet goed keuren.

Ik hoor graag van je,



Hello Ellen! Your blog is amazing!
I’m planning to go for Tibet with my partner between Sep 29 and October 6.
We have a low budget and we want to explore some places around Lhasa and go hiking.
Is it possible to visit places in Tibet without a guide?
Do you have ‘must see’ places around Lhasa and where should I sleep along the way?
Thank you very much!

Jacquelijne van den Berg

Hoi Ellen,

Zie net je bericht over mijn blog op Pindat. Ga deze week ‘s avonds even tijd zien te zoeken om je site en foto’s op het gemak te bekijken. Heb overigens eerder in de Himalaya een prachtige reis gemaakt, maar dat is geen online blog. Heb er wel een reisverslag gemaakt (dat behoorlijk uitgebreid is, Delhi, Amritsar, Daramsalah, En dan de Himalaya in). Een van de indrukwekkendste reizen die ik maakte, nog puur Tibetaans boeddhisme in Ladakh, Spiti en Lahaul vallei in uiterste noorden van India, festivalletjes enz.. Heb ook nog een online foto boek, maar kan je deze op deze manier ook niet sturen. Mail me evt. rechtstreeks, dan stuur ik je verslag en fotoboek


Hi Ellen!

Wonderful website! I am currently doing a school project on the Sakya Monastery and I was wondering if it was ok with you if I used some of your pictures from the monastery?

Best regards,



I understand. But would it be possible for you to share them with me in a private email?



Hi Ellen
I came across your website and have found both your photos and blogs of Eastern Tibet / Khama and Amdo area really interesting and helpful – great photos.
I am currently planning a trip for July 2018 (solo) to Kham area from Chengdu via Danba villages but as I don’t speak Chinese or Tibetan I have been researching Tibetan owned tour agencies based in Chengdu who know the area well with English speaking Tibetan guide and driver but hard to know a reliable trustworthy Tibetan owned agency that has fair prices – as you know travelling on your own with own vehicle in Tibet seems to be expensive compared to travelling with custom local tour guide in other countries. I would be grateful if you could please email me your recommended Tibetan guide / driver agencies based in Chengdu who knows danba / Kham area and any tips for travelling solo in Kham and Amdo. Thanks


Hi again Ellen
Thanks for reply here . Not sure if you have sent me a direct email reply yet as you said you would?? But if you have can you please resend it as I have not received any email from you, especially with regards to which Tibetan tour agency / guide and driver you recommend for Kham and Amdo area of Tibet. I have researched many but difficult to know which ones to trust and are reliable. I look forward to your direct email. Many thanks Sarah

Alasdair Cameron

Hi there,

My partner and I are travelling to Kham Tibetan region this summer (May/June) and I have been using your blog to help with planning. We already know we will be crossing over from Shangrila into the Sichuan area of Kham, but we have been struggling making an plan for the 2 and bit weeks we will have there. I was wondering if you could help.

(My partner is fluent in Chinese if that helps)

The places we like the look of so far are

Yarchen Gar
Palyul Monastery

We are planning on ending the trip in Chengdu, so what route would you recommend to see as much as possible! We really want to see as much temples/and the religious aspect as possible, but also want to try hiking/horse riding potentially

Thank you so much


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