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Walking with the many pilgrims (Tibet Winter 2024)

Yes, I was back in Tibet in January 2024! And I had a great trip. There were so many pilgrims in Lhasa. Almost unbelievable. Read my blog, see the photos and some videos.

The Songge Mani Stone Mound

Finally back to China and the Tibetan areas (May/June 2023)

Finally, after more then three years, I could travel to China and the Tibetan areas again in May/June 2023. I was so happy and I had such a great trip. And saw many new places. I published a blog with photos about this trip. You can read it here.

Tibetan girl

Albums of my Tibet travel winter 2020 published

I have finished the work on the photos of my Tibet travel in January 2020. If you are interested have o look at the two albums and enjoy the pics. Here is the link to the albums: Tibet winter 2020 (part 1) & Tibet winter 2020 (part 2).

For more information on this travel, that was cut short with two days because of the outbreak of Corona, please read this blog.


Dorje Drak Monastery

An unexpected shorter trip to Tibet

In January 2020 I again travelled to Tibet. Although I had a great travel again, my trip was cut short with two days because of the Wuhan virus. I had to leave Tibet early because all the hotels closed. And I had the last KLM flight back home from Chengdu. Read more about it in my new blog.

Garu Nunnery

Pics of my Tibet travel in January 2019

It took a lot of time but finally I can publish the albums with pics of my travel in Tibet in January 2019 on my website. All three albums can be enjoyed now. Special on this travel was that I made a kora around Lake Yamdrok Tso. These pictures can be seen in album 2. For more information on this wonderful travel, please read this blog.

So, have a look at the albums and enjoy!


Nangchen Gar Monastery

Nangchen and Jiuzhaigou revisited

In October/November 2019 I traveled again in Kham and Amdo. I revisited the remote area of Nangchen and traveled to monasteries I couldn’t find the year before. I also was able to visit Jiuzhaigou N.P. that was recently reopened after a severe earthquake in 2017. And I saw a lot more than Nangchen and Jiuzhaigou. Read more about it in my blog and enjoy the pictures!

Albums of my travel in Kham & Amdo in October 2018 published

It took me a long time, but finally I have published the photos of my travel in Kham & Amdo. I invite you to have a look at them. It was – again – a great travel. Including a visit to the remote and not very often visited by foreign travellers area  Nangchen. The photos are again in three albums in the portfolio section of my website: part 1, part 2 and part 3. You can read more about this travel in this blog.

First day of the kora around Yamdrok Tso Lake

Doing a kora around Lake Yamdrok Tso – January 2019

I had again a great travel in Tibet in January 2019. The highlight of this travel was doing a kora (driving) around Lake Yamdrok Tso. It was already for some years on my bucket list and now it became reality. It was so incredible beautiful. But I also enjoyed the rest of the trip immensely. I wrote a blog about it with  pictures of the trip. More photos  will be published later in the portfolio section.

yaks Tangke

Traveling in the land of the yaks – October 2018

I’m just back home from another great travel in Kham and Amdo. I made a big kora, starting in Chengdu and ending in Chengdu. And on this kora I visited places as for instance Yarchen Gar, Garze, Yushu, Nangchen, Qinghai Lake, Rebkong, Xiahe and Songpan. And I saw so many, many yaks. I wrote a blog with some pictures about this travel. More photos  will be published later in the portfolio section.

A stupa at Manting Park at the city of Jinghong, Xishuangbanna region

Yunnan & Songpan 2017

Finally i’m ready to publish the pictures of my travel to Yunnan and Songpan in October 2017. You can now see the first part in the portfolio section. Part 2 and 3 will follow soon. So stay tuned in. Enjoy!

Update : The the second part and the third part of the pictures are now also on my website.


Ranwu Lake in eastern Tibet

Traveling to Alpine eastern Tibet – January 2018

In January 2018 my travel to Tibet brought my to Alpine Eastern Tibet with its beautiful landscapes. Read more about this travel and see pictures in my new blog.

The Golden Pagoda at Lijiang

From the Tropics to the snow – October 2017

I’m back from a new travel to China. This time from the tropics to the snow. Curious where I have been and what I have seen? Read my new blog about this again wonderful travel! Pictures in the albums in the portfolio part of my website will follow later.

Tibetan women celebrating farmers new year at a stupa.

Tibet winter 2018

It was a lot of work and I had little time. But now the photos of my trip to Tibet in January 2018 are published. Finally! I wrote already a blog about this travel. So you can read the details of this trip in the blog Traveling to Alpine eastern Tibet (January 2018). And now you can enjoy the pictures. <read more>

Festival time in Sakya Monastery. The big statues are taken out of the chapels and made ready for dancing.

Tibet winter 2017

I wrote a blog about my travel to Tibet in winter 2017. I had a great trip again! Read more about my trip and see the itinerary of the trip.

Looking out to Labrang Monastery, Xiahe, October 2016

Destination Amdo, October/November 2016

After travelling the last two years in autumn in Kham, now in the autumn of 2016 Amdo was on my schedule. I travelled around. It was a wonderful travel and (again) I went to places where I was the only foreign traveller. I also stayed some time in Songpan at Emma’s Kitchen and Guesthouse, where I had such a nice stay. And Emma, who talks English so good, can arrange everything for you!

Day 1 of the kora: pilgrims at the Kangnyi Chörten at the beginning of the Lha-chu Valley with behind it the south face of Mount Kailash (2010)

Kora Mount Kailash

In the years 2010, 2011 and 2013 I travelled in Tibet to Mount Kailash and walked the 2,5 day during kora around this holy mountain. I now publish photos of this koras. You can see the photos in 2 parts in my portfolio

At the Yading Nature Reserve with it's holy mountain peaks, October 2014

A Dutch Travel Junkie Addicted to Tibet

In May 2013 I wrote a guest post on my travels to Tibet on the website of YoWangdu. YoWangdu let us experience the joys of Tibetan culture through Tibetan food, travel and Buddhism. YoWangdu is dedicated to the preservation and development of Tibetan culture and education. Read the story of my travels to Tibet on YoWangdu

Fascinating Tibet, Travels & Tours

Do you want to travel in Tibet? Then check out the website Fascinating Tibet, Travels & Tours, of my guide and good friend Lobsang Dhundurp. He was several times my guide an I had great travels with him! He can also arrange your trip. You only have to contact him. Visit the website of Fascinating Tibet

My other website

Do you want to see photos of my other travels (beside Tibet)? You find them on my website Ellens World Travels

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