Third part of my Amdo pictures

Jiuzhaigou National Park: Five Flower Lake

And yes!!! I published the third and last part of the pictures of my trip in Amdo in October 2016. I took the pictures of this part when I was staying about ten days in Songpan at Emma’s Kitchen & Guesthouse. I had a great time there and visited some beautiful National Parks. I was flabbergasted of the incredible beauty of Jiuzhaigou National Park in autumn colours. It was unbelievable. Also so beautiful was Huanglong National Park with it’s multi…


Second part of my Amdo pictures

Lhahab Düchen festival with cham dancing of the monks at Kumbum Monastery (Ta'er Si) near Xining

You can enjoy now the second part of the photos of my Amdo trip in autumn 2016. The photos cover de trip from Xiahe to Rebkong (Tongren) – where I visited four monasteries – to Xining – where I witnessed a festival with cham dancing of the monks at Kumbum Monastery – and back to Zoige. See the photos >> Stay tuned in because the third part of this great travel will follow soon and will contain pictures of Songpan…


Pictures of my Amdo trip

A deer at Dagzha Monastery at Zoige

Since I came back from Tibet in January 2017, I have been very busy working on the pictures of my Amdo trip in October/November 2016. Now you can see the first part of this pictures. Follow this link for the pictures. These are pictures of the part travelling from Chengdu, Ma’erkhang (Barkham), the nine bends of the Machu River (Yellow River), Zoige to Xiahe. Beautiful and very Tibetan areas with vast grasslands. And nomads and yaks. But also big and…

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