Walking with the many pilgrims (Tibet Winter 2024)

Walking with the many pilgrims (Tibet Winter 2024) After four years finally again travelling to Tibet. And what a great time I had there! I was in Tibet for 25 days. And it was amazing. There were so many pilgrims in Lhasa and in the monasteries. And I was the only western tourist, at least till the end of my trip. I walked many koras with the pilgrims at the Barkhor / around the holy Jokhang Temple. And I must…


Finally back to China and the Tibetan areas (May/June 2023)

The Songge Mani Stone Mound

Finally back to China and the Tibetan areas (May/June 2023) It was January 2020, when I suddenly had to return home early from my travel in Tibet. The Corona pandemic had started in China and the country got locked. I had the last KLM flight from Chengdu to Amsterdam. Lucky me. I took more than 3 years before I could return. In 2022 life became in many countries more or less normal again. Travelling started up again. But China remained…


An unexpected shorter trip to Tibet – January 2020

Dorje Drak Monastery

An unexpected shorter trip to Tibet In January 2020 my annual visit to Tibet was on the program. And I looked very much forward to it. I think at the beginning of January I read on the internet a first message of a mysterious virus that had come up in the city of Wuhan in China. A few people got a flu like illness in that city. At that moment I didn’t think it would have repercussions for my travel.…


Nangchen and Jiuzhaigou N.P. revisited – October 2019

Nangchen Gar Monastery

Nangchen and Jiuzhaigou N.P. revisited Last year (2018) I traveled in the land of the yaks and visited the remote area of Nangchen. As I wrote in my blog about that travel, I visited Gaden Monastery there. We (my guide, my driver and me) had some problems visiting this monastery because nobody could tell us where this monastery was located. But I found it thanks to the navigation app MAPS.ME. There are a lot more monasteries in Nangchen, but at…


Doing a kora around Lake Yamdrok Tso – January 2019

First day of the kora around Yamdrok Tso Lake

Kora around Lake Yamdrok Tso In January 2019 my annual visit to Tibet was on the program. It would be my 13th visit to Tibet. Every time I try to do or see some new things in Tibet. But every year it gets harder because I have already seen so much of Tibet. This time I wanted to have some easy days in Lhasa. But there was something on my bucket list I already wanted to do for some years.…


Traveling in the land of the yaks – October 2018

yaks Tangke

Traveling in the land of the yaks In October 2018 I was traveling in Kham and Amdo. Kham and Amdo are big Tibetan areas in the Chinese provinces Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan. While Kham, for the most part located in Sichuan province is very mountainous, Amdo is for the most part located in Qinghai province on high plateau and has vast grasslands. And on those grasslands still many nomads are living and they have big herds of yaks. So…


My winter photos of 2018 published

Tibetan women celebrating farmers new year at a stupa.

It was a lot of work and I had little time. But now the photos of my trip to Tibet in January 2018 are published. Finally! I wrote already a blog about this travel. So you can read the details of this trip in the blog Traveling to Alpine eastern Tibet (January 2018). And now you can enjoy the pictures. What I want to emphasize in this blog is that taking photos in winter time in Tibet isn’t really easy.…


Yunnan and Songpan 2017

A stupa at Manting Park at the city of Jinghong, Xishuangbanna region

Finally I’m ready to publish the pictures of my travel to Yunnan and Songpan in October 2017. You can now see the first part in the portfolio section. Part 1 consists of pictures of traveling south through the province of Yunnan to the Xishuangbanna region, that borders to Myanmar. The pictures takes you to the city of Zhaotong, the Daocheng Red Land, the Stone Forest at Shilin, Fuxian Lake near the city of Kunming, tropic Jinghong in the Xishuangbanna region…


Traveling to Alpine eastern Tibet (January 2018)

Ranwu Lake in eastern Tibet

Traveling to Alpine eastern Tibet Yes, back again of another great trip to Tibet in January 2018. It was my 12th trip to Tibet (in the sense of TAR – the Tibetan Autonomous Region). And I saw many things – regions, monasteries, roads to travel etc. – that were new for me. Let me take you by the hand and tell you something about my recent travel. At the end I will give my travel itinerary. As on my other…


From the tropics to the snow – October 2017

The Golden Pagoda at Lijiang

From the tropics to the snow Yunnan and Songpan revisited In October 2017 I had holiday and of course I traveled to China again. Where to go this time? I have already seen a lot of the western parts of China. So completely a new area is difficult. I ended up revisiting the province of Yunnan. With the KLM I flew directly from Holland to Chengdu (like I always do). From there I traveled south with my guide and my…


Tibet winter 2017

Festival time in Sakya Monastery. The big statues are taken out of the chapels and made ready for dancing.

Pictures again in three parts Finally. It took me some time. But they are on my website now. The pictures I took during my travel in Tibet in January 2017. And they can be seen in three parts: go directly to part1, part 2 and part 3 I took again a lot of pictures during this travel because I saw and experienced again beautiful and special things. I was very lucky during this trip. Again I saw only very few…


Third part of my Amdo pictures

Jiuzhaigou National Park: Five Flower Lake

And yes!!! I published the third and last part of the pictures of my trip in Amdo in October 2016. I took the pictures of this part when I was staying about ten days in Songpan at Emma’s Kitchen & Guesthouse. I had a great time there and visited some beautiful National Parks. I was flabbergasted of the incredible beauty of Jiuzhaigou National Park in autumn colours. It was unbelievable. Also so beautiful was Huanglong National Park with it’s multi…

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