A Dutch Travel Junkie Addicted to Tibet

Posing with a monk at Chimpuk Hermitage, October 2013

In May 2013 I wrote a guest post on my travels to Tibet on the website of YoWangdu YoWangdu let us experience the joys of Tibetan culture through Tibetan food, travel and Buddhism. YoWangdu is dedicated to the preservation and development of Tibetan culture and education. Read the story of my travels to Tibet on YoWangdu


Fascinating Tibet, Travels & Tours

You want to travel to Tibet? Then check out the website Fascinating Tibet, Travels & Tours, of my guide and good friend Lobsang Dhundurp. He was several times my guide and I had great travels with him! He can also arrange your trip. You only have to contact him.     Let me introduce myself to you I’m Lobsang Dhundurp. And I started Fascinating Tibet, Travels & Tours. I was born in a little village in Central Tibet, near Reting…

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