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My winter trip to Tibet in 2016

Overlooking Shigatse, January 2016

Again to Tibet in January 2016 Why to Tibet in wintertime? Yes, I went again to Tibet in January 2016. It was my 5th trip to Tibet in the month of January. I really like to visit Tibet in wintertime. Why? I will answer that question. In the first place, it’s low season. That means there are almost no tourists in Tibet. I met few small foreign tourist groups in Lhasa and had breakfast with a small group of total…


Kora Mount Kailash

At Drolma La pass (5.660m) during the kora around Mount Kailash in 2010

Kora around holy Mount Kailash It’s now 6 years ago that I decided to travel again to Tibet, after being there for the first time in 1997. I saw a great trip to Tibet, including Western Tibet and Mount Kailash from a Dutch tour operator. Included in the trip was walking the kora around the holy Mount Kailash. I had doubts. It seemed a great trip and kora to me. But could I do this kora? Walking in 2,5 day…


Very special ceremony at Sera Monastery, Lhasa – January 2016

Special ceremony at Sera Monastery, Lhasa: monks sitting and chanting in the debating courtyard

  In January 2016 I travelled again to Tibet. I made again a round trip there. And I was again a solo traveller. As always I started my trip with some days in Lhasa. With my guide I visited again the most important sites in Lhasa. I also revisited Sera Monastery on a beautiful and sunny afternoon. I had expected to see the monks debating in the court yard, like every afternoon at 15.00 hours. I had seen that already…


Lhasa, city of pilgrims – January 2015

Barkhor Street, Lhasa: a group of men prostrating around the Jokhang Temple

Lhasa, a great city to visit in wintertime In January 2015 I travelled to Tibet again. But this time I didn’t make a round trip. Instead I stayed in Lhasa for a period of two weeks. Lhasa in wintertime is wonderful! At that time there are almost no tourists in Lhasa. But a lot of pilgrims visit Lhasa with it’s temples and monasteries at that time of the year. Because of the wintertime farmers can’t work on their fields. And…


My Kham trip in October 2014

During my Kham-trip I saw unbelievable things In October 2014 I didn’t go to Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Regio) as planned. I had to change my travel plans at the last moment. And I went to Kham instead. Kham is a very Tibetan area in Sichuan province, with smaller portions located within Qinhau, Gansu and Yunnan provinces of China. I had a great and unbelievable travel in Kham. Below I give you the itinerary of my trip. But I must tell…


My Tibet trip in January 2014

In January 2014 I had a great trip to Tibet. It was my 8th visit to Tibet but I enjoyed it immensely. There were so many pilgrims in Lhasa and the monastery’s. And almost no tourists. The weather was really sunny with most days blue sky’s. The hotel rooms, especially those in the small towns, can be really cold this time of the year because the have no heating. But January is a good time to visit Tibet. My itinerary…


My trip to Tibet in September / October 2013

Seven times in Tibet I went as solo traveller to Tibet and had a (again) a great trip. It was my seventh travel in Tibet. Together with my contacts in Tibet I made my own itinerary for the trip. In Tibet we had to adjust the itinerary a little because of bad road conditions. My itinerary was as follows: Day Itinerary 1 Flight Amsterdam – Chengdu 2 Arrival in Chengdu 3 Flight Chengdu – Lhasa / old centre 4 Lhasa…

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