Lhasa, a great city to visit in wintertime

In January 2015 I travelled to Tibet again. But this time I didn’t make a round trip. Instead I stayed in Lhasa for a period of two weeks. Lhasa in wintertime is wonderful! At that time there are almost no tourists in Lhasa. But a lot of pilgrims visit Lhasa with it’s temples and monasteries at that time of the year. Because of the wintertime farmers can’t work on their fields. And the nomads are not trekking in wintertime. So there are many beautiful and colourful people in Lhasa. So great to see. And the people are so friendly and nice. I always enjoy Lhasa and Tibet in wintertime very much. And the weather is good in the central valleys in Tibet in the winter. It can be very cold at night but at daytime it’s mostly very sunny weather. Beside the main temples and monasteries I saw this time also a lot of not so well know smaller monasteries and temples. My guide Lobsang thought of something interesting to see every day. He had also arranged my travel. Every day I walked my rounds at the Barkhor with the Tibetan pilgrims. And I also walked the Lingkor. It was a very enjoyable and easy going holiday. This time I visited the following temples, monasteries:

  • the Potala Palace
  • Lukhang Temple
  • the Jokhang Temple
  • Drepung Monastery
  • Netchung Monastery
  • Norbulingka Summer Palace
  • Ani Sankhung Nunnery
  • Pode Kangtsang Chapel
  • Meru Monastery
  • Gyüme Tratsang college
  • Tomseling Monastery
  • Ramoche Temple
  • Palha Lu-puk Temple
  • Kundeling Monstery
  • Chagpo Ri rock carvings
  • Rigsum Lakhang
  • Barkhor Supermarket
  • Tromsikhang Market

I also visited a (winter) school in Lhasa, where one of my former guides teaches English. He invited me to visit the school. That was great fun!

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Lhasa, city of pilgrims, winter 2015 (part 1)

Lhasa, city of pilgrims, winter 2015 (part 2)