And yes!!! I published the third and last part of the pictures of my trip in Amdo in October 2016.

I took the pictures of this part when I was staying about ten days in Songpan at Emma’s Kitchen & Guesthouse. I had a great time there and visited some beautiful National Parks. I was flabbergasted of the incredible beauty of Jiuzhaigou National Park in autumn colours. It was unbelievable. Also so beautiful was Huanglong National Park with it’s multi coloured ponds. If you are staying in Songpan these National Parks are a must do! With Emma I visited Mounigou National Park. The little brother of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. But it was very quite and peaceful there with not so many visitors. Thank you again Emma for taking me there. The ancient town of Songpan is touristic but very nice to stay a few days. And you can make nice hikes and horse riding treks there.

I can only say: look at my pictures and see for yourself how beautiful it is in Songpan and the nearby National Parks. Enjoy!

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