Finally I’m ready to publish the pictures of my travel to Yunnan and Songpan in October 2017. You can now see the first part in the portfolio section. Part 1 consists of pictures of traveling south through the province of Yunnan to the Xishuangbanna region, that borders to Myanmar. The pictures takes you to the city of Zhaotong, the Daocheng Red Land, the Stone Forest at Shilin, Fuxian Lake near the city of Kunming, tropic Jinghong in the Xishuangbanna region and going north again to the Ancient city of Dali. Part 2 will start in Dali and will go further north to the small city of Songpan in Sichuan Province. In part 3 you will see the beautiful nature surrounding Songpan.

Some time ago I already wrote an extended blog From the tropics to the snow about this travel. For more specifics of the travel please read this blog.

Update: the second part and the third part of the pictures are also now on my website.